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Yes. 4 Millbank is where the BBC, ITN and Sky all have Westminster newsrooms, and IIRC, the main bunker for BBC Parliement operations and playout.

I think it's also the designated 'decamp in a crisis' broadcast studio for the BBC National News, isn't it?(looks around at those in the know)
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Dermot M confirmed to host the overnight election coverage. Kay Burley from 6 or 7am, then Adam B from 9am.

John Bercow is going to be part of the Sky News coverage of election night as well which is a big addition for them.

I'm tempted to give the Sky News coverage a go this time round instead of the BBC. One of the reason I normally avoid them is due to Boulton's droning delivery. However the Dermot, Beth and Bercow team looks good.
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