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Border (England) North West Today
Somewhat by accident ended up watching The Campaign tonight and must say it's a great hour of content which gets the balance right between being accessible and being informative.

Completely agree, it’s a great hour. This is the format Sky News Tonight should be rather than essentially rolling news under a different name.
I know it’s been said before but I think Niall is really underused and underrated, great to see him in his element in a programme like this. He really should have got Kay’s slot when she moved to breakfast. Fingers crossed when Boulton finally chucks it in he gets the AOP gig.
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Meridian (North) South Today
Kay Burley was always low grade tabloid in her approach. If the interview was booked in and then he pulled out at the last minute, then empty chairing is an appropriate response.

This morning's Metro, page 8, Quote from Burley, 'I think Piers [Morgan] has been the bad boy of Breakfast TV for far too long. I am absolutely going to be the bad girl'

She probably stands more chance of gender equality on that front than other recent applicants
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Stephen Dixon just asked newspaper reviewer Bidisha what she thought of the glass box and she said its incredible....like reporting from inside a glossy morgue...in a good way. Stephen: "yeah I think this might be your last appearance Bidisha"