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I'm sick of hearing the regular Sky News sting atm, with it being used for show title cards, as well as in to/out of break junctions on the 'Brexit Election' slides, and on The Campaign.
Thought it might be quite nice to have the Decision Time music, but then again, that might be a bit overkill by the time we reach Election Day.
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Sky sponsors the Virgin Radio breakfast show which is ad free. Virgin Radio is owned by Wireless Group a subsidiary of News UK which is a subsidiary of News Corp.

Wireless UK has another station TalkRadio and their ad free breakfast show is sponsored by The Times newspaper owned by News UK.

Kay Burley has written for tomorrow's Times about today's incident. The empty chairer did a pre-booked TalkRadio interview instead from the same building.

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Appalling behaviour from Kay Burley IMO, the guest she harangued on air was not even booked to appear on her show. Whilst he may later have agreed to appear, the GMB interview overrunning clearly meant he was unable to do the additional Sky News interview and the interviews he was already booked for. This is not unreasonable. Had Cleverly actually been booked for Sky News, the situation would be different.

Burley deliberately misrepresented the facts, making it sound as if Cleverly was 15 feet away hiding from her, as opposed to being 15 feet away doing another interview.

A truly cheap stunt to try and get the new show some attention.
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