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The first 10 seconds of the Brexit Free TOTH should be used on the main channel.

What's in those 10 seconds?

I know it's literally just the title card and basic transition to live (with a different bed), but it's nicer than that on the main channel in my opinion.

Although the music doesn't entirely work, I do prefer the Brexit-free intro. It's just simpler, and more direct.
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Is the Brexit Countdown still in the corner of the screen?

Brexit-free means just that. No Brexit. No countdown. No mention of it on the ticker. No verbal mention of it either. The only place the B word appears is in the DOG. It is like reporting on another world this Brexit-free channel.

Brexit Free and the main Sky News channel seem to have different running orders too, presumably down to having its own editor. The NI Abortion story led on Brexit Free, while it's mid-way down the running order of non-Brexit news on the main channel at 11pm.

What Brexit Free has shown from what I've watched this evening is how the saturated Brexit coverage on Sky News is making our output as isolationist as US news channels that dedicate their airtime to opinion heads and Trump.
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Might be a more important lead story though since in a non-Brexit situation most political stories tend to bubble their way to the top of the agenda anyway, something like the NI abortion story would have been up near the top in a normal situation. I wouldn't be the least surprised if most people think there's nothing else going on in this world!
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Just as unwatchable indoors as it is outdoors. Couldn’t stomach more than five minutes of it.

She turns even the most straightforward discussions into aggressive confrontations. It’s horrible to watch.
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The studio looks quite nice, Kay's got a new chair and the screen is positioned so it's over the shoulder of guests (displaying the title card). There's a new wrap on the top of the desk which matches the title card and the yellow/ orange lighting is better than the orange attempt used for The Newshour.
Nice to see some different shots of the Millbank studio - including Kay standing at the TOTH