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Doesn't Sky News Australia take the UK channel as filler in overnight hours?

They do.

Here's a comparison between the 'UK' and Australia services.



What I noticed also is the 'UK' service has the DOG on top of the domestic logo used on Sky News Intl and there are trailers for Fox Sports, which may suggest that it's a News Corp Australia channel rather than Comcast providing the service bar the feed from London.

When the Sky News/NBC channel launches, it may be an idea to rebrand Sky News International as Sky News UK, so that viewers are aware of the differences between the two channels.
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Burley has tweeted a video which shows a 'secret' ie. the start of the new Westminster studio.

That set doesn't look as though it would take another 2 months to complete. I wonder how much of the other facilities they are upgrading at the same time, but surely the actual 'set' would be the last thing to be put in if you were completely gutting somewhere?
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In the video above Kay is stood in an existing set, aka that used previously by Sky News Tonight (amongst other things, maybe Boulton and Co or something). I haven't seen it on-screen in a while, so presumably the refresh will see the above set removed and a new one installed?
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You'd think with all the sets Sky News now have they'd get at least one of them right.

How do you get a set right?

There are so many ways you can do sets and I think that most of them look great or at least decent.

I would go so far as to say that Sky don't have a bad set, they just don't have a lot of great ones.