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It Shouldn't Happen to a Newsreader

(September 2013)

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thegeek Founding member
Just found this on the YouTubes - it's a 1999 LWT programme (though I seem to remember there was a mid-2000s BBC Three programme of the same name)

Contains many clips you'll have seen before ("Did you threaten to over-rule him?"), but also a whole load that you haven't, some talking heads (Sir Trev, Angela Rippon, Jon Snow, amongst others), and some great behind the scenes footage of Channel 5's coverage of the 1998 total eclipse, which appears to have largely been a disaster.

Part 1 is at

Well worth an hour of your time.
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I remember "It Shouldn't Happen to a Children's TV Presenter" as it included footage for the CITV presenter search that eventually saw Andrea Green becoming the new presenter, and then disappearing after only a year or so.

I also remember it because they seemed to repeat it for many years after, I'm pretty sure they were showing it in the mid-00s when CITV studio presenters were on their way out.

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