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Westcountry Spotlight
The banks here will normally send a letter like this if the tiniest hint of fraud is detected, hence why they won't discuss the matter anymore as that could be deemed as "tipping off" which is a jailable offence.

Thing is, by broadcasting this to all and sundry it will make it almost impossible to open a new UK account elsewhere....

Love their coverage right now - complaining that free speech has ended. That's rich of them!!! Mr Putin undoubtedly shuffling dodgy cash around...
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London London
Wonder what implications this has for those working at RT in London? Will they and their suppliers get paid while there's no UK bank account?

The letter states that their account is being closed in December, so basically two months to find a new bank. If not, I suspect staff may get paid direct from Moscow or D.C.
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RT's UK news director caught posting a pile of Islamophobic social media posts. Quelle surprise.


Turns out Buzzfeed got the two different "News Director" roles mixed up... The bloke in question is a gallery director who directs news bulletins for RT, not the Director of News (which would be a far more senior role), which in the US may also be called "News Director" in smaller stations.
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