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peterrocket Founding member

News2Day will survive as it comes under RTE's remit of home grown children's programming

It doesn’t have to be on television though. It’s still programming if they bump it online.

One thing in its favour it is that the studio is staffed anyway during those hours.
Ballyboy UTV Newsline
Different backdrop for the nine o clock news
Last edited by Ballyboy on 4 March 2020 9:15pm
Yes I had noticed that too! The camera shots were very tight and there was no standing presentation by Sharon on tonight nine bulletin. I suspect there was an technical issue with the video wall tonight.

10 days later

Ballyboy UTV Newsline
Tonight’s six one had no sport, prob cause the coronavirus cancelled it all lol
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Presumably on RTE too.

JBie World News
Yes, it'll be on RTÉ One TV, RTÉ News Now and RTÉ Radio 1.

108 days later

It has just been announced that David McCullagh will join Caitriona Perry as co-presenter of the RTÉ Six-One News from September. He replaces the late Keelin Stanley who died in February.
rdd Founding member
Ray Kennedy, who has been filling in on Six One for a large chunk of the last while, will anchor the weekend Six One and Nine O’Clock News bulletins.

18 days later

Ballyboy UTV Newsline
Video wall seems to be on the blink again on the nine o clock news
bkman1990 UTV Newsline
It is back to normal for tonight's Nine O'Clock News.

Also Prime Time is broadcasting back in it's normal studio from tonight.
Ballyboy UTV Newsline
I see that, what was wrong with the studio?
bkman1990 UTV Newsline
RTÉ Six-One was on for the full hour with two presenters this evening. Caitriona Perry & Eileen Whelan were presenting it.

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