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One from Radio Four / World Service who's destined to move to TV sooner rather than later - Luke Jones.

Nothing like giving yourself a big up, eh Luke.

DVB Cornwall is a man of integrity.

see here ……..

26-Aug-2019 @ 02:03

Unless Luke Jones created the fictional character of an elderly Cornish gentleman in 2003 and has kept up the character for 16 years in order to make a post now, I think the endorsement is genuine, and it makes you come across as bitter.
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Victoria Fritz is very good - has a lovely, warm presenting style. Ben Thompson too is brilliant.

On the Sky News side, totally agree with others about Niall Paterson. Tom Macleod too is fantastic and must be due a big slot sooner rather than later.
On the CNN side Bianca Nobilo has come on leaps and bounds since when she began and Brianna Keilar is easily one of the standout domestic anchors and doesn’t make it all about herself in the way that say Wolf, Cuomo and Lemon do
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