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RIP Sir Alastair Burnet

(July 2012)

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Reminder, for anyone interested.

DVB Cornwall
Account of the Memorial including Alastair Stewart and Sir David Nicholas' speeches.

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12-Nov-2012 @ 21:12
ITV News at Ten have ended the bulletin with a report
Anna Ford featured in the report.
Sadly ending the programme with the current end theme...
itsrobert Founding member
Looks like there was a good turnout for the service today - in addition to Anna, and obviously Alastair Stewart and Andrew Neil who both read tributes - I managed to spot Sandy Gall, Martyn Lewis, Selina Scott, David Dimbleby, Peter Snow, Trevor McDonald, Julie Etchingham and Mark Austin. Some of the former ITN editors were also there, including David Nicholas and I think I saw Stewart Purvis in the congregation as well.
Must say it brought a lump into my throat to hear Mark sign off with "Sir Alastair Burnet - the man who was, is and will always be News at Ten".

Lovely to see such greats as Anna Ford, Sandy Gall, Selina Scott and Sir Trev in the brief clips of the memorial services.
itsrobert Founding member
By the way, one of the anecdotes told at the service particularly amused me - David Nicholas told of how the infamous ITN director, Diana Edwards-Jones, would ask Alastair to fill for 2 minutes while they sorted out a technical problem in the control room (which Alastair did effortlessly) and he said "or words to that effect" - which resulted in laughter among the congregation. This was, of course, reference to the fact that Ms Edwards-Jones was infamous for her rather strong language in the control room!

One thing that struck me listening to the tributes was how relaxed everything was back then compared to modern times. Just the fact that Alastair kept a bottle of whisky in the draw at ITN - that would most likely be frowned upon today. I recall speaking to ITN staff myself who were there during the 80s and they'd regularly end up in the pub during the working day. How times change!
Seeing Sandy Gall there it still leaves me baffled as to why ITN never utilised him in an analyst position over the past 11 years. He is surely the British journalist with the best knowledge of events and the culture in Afghanistan.
Put The Telly On
Wonderful and poignant speech by Alastair Stewart.
Wonderful and poignant speech by Alastair Stewart.

Absolutely. His speech commanded the attention that he admired so much of Burnett. Absolute gem of a speech.
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