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Can’t the conservative government afford hd cameras or is it they think we don’t want to see the brexit debate in all its glory in HD?

I imagine that HD cameras are quite low down on the priority list for the Conservative Government at the moment.

Aside from its (probably) not up to the government of the day to decide what gets seen in HD or not in the chambers, the upcoming restoration programme is probably the ideal time to upgrade the cameras and the facilities since the entire lot can be done in one go:

Could do the main work to the building since I suspect the cameras would have to come down anyway and then replace them with (probably smaller) ones that may be HD capable. Any time you see them on the coverage they are hulking great things compared to those smaller ones behind the speaker's chair.

It's not just the cameras, it's the cabling, the base stations, the equipment room, and the galleries. My understanding is the main technical guts of the operation is moving into another building?
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I would imagine where they "decant" too, would have HD cameras and facilities - which could become the new base for Parliament media facilities, even when they move back into the restored Palace of Westminster.