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Central (East) East Midlands Today
I don't mind the new BBC News logo but I really think they should have made some new titles for it. It just looks like it's been slapped on over the old one and the place names and number still being in the previous font makes it look like they've only done half a job. Even the new logo on the screens in the studio looks disjointed. It'd be like them putting the red 2008 logo on the dark 2004 titles.
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BBC World News
Do they need that black line there with the logo and programme name the whole time?

Could the black not appear from behind the white when needed and have the logo and programme name sat on top of the white.

Seems a lot of black/white that serves no purpose other than to cover the picture.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
Not really a big fan of the flipper, much prefer the ticker. Also, I do feel though too much of the lower part of the screen is covered over by unnecessary white/black. The flipper is also harder to read than previous especially on smaller screens. On my smaller TV, I could see it easily before, now it is much more difficult. Also, with a ticker, it gives the impression of "rolling news" - continuous news and you had to anticipate what the whole story would be. The flipper seems more static and repeating the same things like Theresa May meeting the cricketers, that headline was on the flipper all last night, no build up as there is no waiting for the words to scroll across the screen.

Also, I do feel as though the massive Headline straps /wording appear old fashioned out of a broadsheet newspaper style than a futuristic news outlet.

Also with graphics covering up most of the bottom part of the screen, people won't be able to comment on Fiona Bruce's footwear anymore if they tune into the news channel.
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Think it looks brilliant, the graphics are very modern and it’s long overdue.

The national titles could have done with a bit more of an update but you can’t have everything.

Wonder when the website will be updated as feels outdated now and is not in Reith.
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Look East Norwich (using the old Aston kit) doesn't have the text wipe animations for the headlines, the graphics complete with black shadow just faded on and off. I don't know, but it didn't look quite right.

Yes, I noticed this on a few local news broadcasts such as Look East, Look North and South East but others such as London and North West have all of the text wipe animations like the News Channel rather than just a fade-in and fade-out which look really out of place and amateur in my view.
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Consider this tweet an official reprimand to some here ,,,,

Very Happy

Er what Chris is saying is fine we don’t know what the challenges are but the lower thirds dosent look good and takes up too much screen estate rather then criticising us maybe they should look at as the end viewer maybe
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Central (East) East Midlands Today
They're still using that Afternoon Live trailer, even with the new reith look, they must have been running it for nearly a year now. I could do with seeing some different clips other than the Basil Brush one and "the ball is in the UK's court, we could have got our Tennis correspondent to report on this".
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