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I wish they wouldn't. This schedule works fine for both WN and NC and is on the budget. More straight-forward bulletins and overall better presentation. I say keep it like this permanently!

The simulcast works for now while there's only one big story. Under normal circumstances there are plenty of UK stories which are of importance to UK viewers but of little relevance abroad.
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Victoria Derbyshire was sitting on a stool on the catwalk earlier. Don't think we've ever seen that before.

No clock on the news channel

I always keep a note of the present time written down on a Post It sticker, just in case....

Doing the seconds as well as the minutes and hours must take up a lot of time, and Post-It notes.
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(I accidentally posted this on the Breakfast thread a moment ago - sorry)

Bank Holiday on Monday - Press Conference News Special showing for 17:00-18:30 with the 6 at 18:30. One down to 20 minutes and 10 down to 25 with regional news down to 10.