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Wouldn’t it make more sense for Newsnight to come from Studio C to avoid the newsroom being in the background and let The Papers and BBC News (11pm) come from Studio E as they would then be able to carry on The Papers as normal with the AR graphics and all the right theme pieces. It also makes sense to have the real newsroom backdrop rather than the fake pre-recorded one for the news bulletin. Thoughts?

Unless the same gallery team are getting both programmes to air? In which case Studio E gives them a chance to rehearse before the Ten, and presumably they would rather their flagship shows remain in E than in C with a false background for the Ten?
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Paper Review crashed into the end titles for SportsDay, then lost one of its reviewers due to poor sound quality.

It felt like the reviewer was noise cancelling themselves with their (presumably) built-in microphone, causing the mic to cut out more often. I’ve seen that kind of stuff before on chat apps like Discord and it’s pretty much always caused by a microphone picking up an echo of yourself and trying to noise cancel it, thus causing any input to be broken up.
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And still having the same problem at 23:30. It almost sounds like she's being automatically muted every time she reaches a certain level. Video's not great, but is at least running uninterrupted, so it doesn't seem to be a bandwidth problem, unless her system is dropping audio to prioritise video.

Edit: I think SuperSajuuk's got it. I knew the effect sounded familiar but I couldn't think what it was.

Bless her, she's trying to keep smiling but you can also see her rolling her eyes and chewing her lip in annoyance.

Further edit: they fixed it! Everyone's happy!
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Why on earth are they not using the telephone more?!

These webcam set ups are not yet good enough for broadcast television. Nearly every single one during this pandemic has either been completely inaudible in places or the video is of an extremely poor quality.

Given broadband speeds are taking a hammering at the moment by everyone using them all at once, these weblinks are proving unreliable the majority of the time.

GMB with Lorraine had a guest the other day where she was on a webcam but talked down the phone. And it worked perfectly. The video was just a tad out of sync and of course it was usual telephone sound quality but at least you could hear and understand what she was saying.

And yesterday’s BBC News Special on BBC One has Gary Lineker speaking and the weblink went down twice. So after that they resorted to speaking via telephone. Which is what they should have really done in the first place.

Why are these programmes still continuing to persevere with Skype or FaceTime when it would look more professional if they just used the telephone? I know it’s a bit awkward if there’s no images whilst they’re speaking on the phone so just use the webcam images if you really have to.
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They're always a problem, but at the moment if they did everything on the phone it would be radio.

Years ago it used to be policy/convention in the early days of UGC that any video from the Internet where the resolution or quality was bad would be inset into a box. That way it improved how it looked and indicated to the viewer that it wasn't the usual sort of content
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Maybe because not all of them have a landline anymore and their mobile phone minutes are preciously limited? Plus it costs the broadcasters a bit to contact a mobile phone from their company landlines.

Compared to the production cost of the programme, the phone bill is in the noise.
The idea that any spokesperson etc or politician has a PAYG phone contract is laughable
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The reason it's not done by phone is because it's 2020 and there's no need to. Plus audience expectations are higher than they used to be. Broadcasting a reporter on the phone with a still photo of them holding a phone is just not acceptable any more.

Even the worst quality Skype call is better than a mobile phone call quality. They can be just as unreliable too
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