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Just noticed a minor thing - they managed to hide the location time stamp on the NC output during the 1900 simulcast with WN... Previously the location time will also go out on the NC during live segments when WN is in charge of the output.
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I could be wrong, but I think the Live graphic is now grouped with the rest of the graphics template on the Viz engine, rather than before where it was part of the gallery output, before on the pushback it used to shrink with the image, whereas now it stays in its full screen position, the same with the sign language pushback.
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I think she's better as a standard News Channel presenter

She's got potential but she needs to fine tune her style to be more suited to the News Channel and not This Morning.

Personally I don't find her This Morning material. Her delivery is exactly the same as it was when she was on 5 Live and hasn't been able to shake it off. It's radio on the tv.
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