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Central (East) East Midlands Today
Happy Anniversary, 1, 6 and 10. Relaunched on this day seventeen years ago. And, as pointed out by both TvLive and MediaBoy on Twitter, the programmes launched with a new presenter line-up:

• Anna Ford
• George Alagiah and Sophie Raworth
• Huw Edwards

Feels like only yesterday.......

I was just about to be really annoying and correct you by saying the 1993 relaunch happened in the April but then I realised 17 years ago was actually 2003! How time flies...
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Those old new graphics are better then the current graphics, takes up less space on screen Smile

And what exactly are viewers missing out on with the newer graphics?

Well when it’s breaking news it occupies 33% of the screen where’s before it was 25% at best, these graphics are huge because of the Reith font and the line height due to the non capitalised lettering.

I don’t think the flipper/ticker whatever they call it has to be high as it is.

Should have adapted the nine graphics as a base and modified that.
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