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Redundancies in BBC News

(December 2018)

We know BBC News has to make big cuts due to BBC taking on board the over 75s free licence fees from the Government as of now.

Neil Henderson, who tweets #tomorrowspaperstoday, in addition to his News planning day job, tweeted tonight he is at threat of redundancy as are others. Just before Christmas.

Does anyone know any more about the extent of this next wave of cuts? If that's what it is. I seem to remember the last set of cuts happened around April 2017 when Maxine Mawhinney, Gavin Esler and others left.

What with equal pay issues and a perception on social media that BBC is behind on breaking Brexit investigative stories (Facebook scandal, Cambridge Analytica), now doesn't seem a good time to cut news staffing. Though I accept the funding just isn't there right now.
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How would anyone know until the consultation is complete?
He probably mentioned it in relation to the Mail on Sunday headline.
The Over 75 license fee is a major issue for the future of the BBC (which is very much under threat from all sides). Lose- lose. Axe the free License fee and be ripped to shreds in the press and by politicians - don't and make other cuts and be ripped to shreds and see the license fee questioned.
It's hard to see the BBC, with a license fee, still around in 2028.
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How would anyone know until the consultation is complete?

The BBC funding 'hole' is bigger than just the Over-75 Licence Fee hole. AIUI there are continued funding cuts (which usually equal job cuts) across the corporation.

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