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On the 5th May 2010 the Serbian state broadcaster relauched its all news programmes.

Interestingly, the new graphics & studio bear resemblance to the 1990-2000 imagery.

1990 (clock + titles)
1997 (studio from 0:19)
later (undated titles)
2000-2003 (clock + titles + studio) (presenter Maja Žeželj)

The new one
(clock + titles + studio) (presenter Milica Nedić)

People in Serbia comment that the new design reminds of the time of Slobodan Milošević's regime, the war in Yugoslavia and it is old-fashioned.
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It's a shame that the late 1970s-early 1990s design, which was ahead of its time in so many ways, became associated with the Milosevic regime and its "Serbia vs. everyone else" propaganda apparatus. I can see why so many people now find that revived look problematic.
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