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Question about UK TV Weather presentation

Why do presenters always stand on the left? (April 2019)

Worzel Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
I may be misremembering this but didn't the BBC Two forecast after Newsnight frame with the presenter on the right? There was certainly something unusual but I can't remember what.

I mentioned this in my opening post as it was my only memory of it being presenter from the right.
Jamesypoo Anglia (East) Look East
The presenter of BBC 2 weather started off on the opening slide being screen left (as usual) but would then move over to screen right for the actual forecast then back to the left again for the closing slide.

The map was shifted to the left and all of the other graphics were left-aligned, too.

I can't find any caps of it at all except this from HarryB in 2014:

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John Hammond is looking well.
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