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how will each broadcaster cover it? (June 2011)

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With the strikes tomorrow, how will each broadcaster cover it? Daybreak told there viewers that a special edition will air, with correspondents around the country. Will programing be interrupted on other channels?
I would think that maybe the BBC News channel might come on air a bit earlier in the morning (earlier than 8:30am when they usually opt out of Breakfast, maybe 7am or 8am?). Sky News will already be in Sunrise so I expect Eamon Holmes (or) Mark Longhust will cover it with extended summaries with the presenter who reads the summaries. As has been said Daybreak will be on the air with a special, likewise BBC Breakfast will probably do the same. I would assume that This Morning on ITV1 will continue where Daybreak left off. Channel 5 will be showing the Wright Stuff anyway, so it will be covered on there. CNN will probably cover it on CNNI.

I find it unlikely that BBC1/2 programming or even on ITV1 will be suspended as it is only a prostest/strike (albeit on a big scale). Especially in this age of News channels. If it were a terrorist attack, major UK/International incident or a member of the Royal Family dieing it is classed as a 'National Disaster' or 'The Death of a poinient British figure' - that's about the only time programming would be suspended, on the terrestrial networks anyway (if we are still calling it that).
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Any guesses on what the media are hoping for?


As well as the strikes, there's a few marches on the go - so I suspect the coverage, from London at least, will be along the lines of the November student demos and the March for the Alternative. Expect endless repeated shots of minor scuffles while occasionally mentioning the cause of the strike. Oh, and interminable live hits from reporters parked across the road from airports, reading out tweets from passengers stuck in immigration queues and sat on planes which aren't going anywhere.

At a guess, Tim Willcox and/or Ben Brown co-anchoring from somewhere.
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plus NOT all the unions are on strike so many people are still at work, its not like the all out school strike During the last Tory government.
Sky seem to be covering the strike best without going over the top
Tim Willcox is safely in the studio today. He's doing the mid-shift at the BBC World news pod today, seconding to Geeta on Impact. So, looks like he will be safely away from any riots.
Edit: Ben Brown has just fed in to BBC Worlds The Hub, live from Westminster.

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