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It's hard to tell from my screen, but is that teal on Sky's graphics?
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except for the colours they chose, as its not accurate.

To be fair given that the current Republican = Red and Democrat = Blue colour scheme has been in existence for little more than a decade and the Democrat colour is blue enough to be recognisably blue, I'd hardly call it inaccurate. At least one is clearly red and clearly blue, on UK election night some parties get a different colour from every source - the Lib Dems are orange but sometimes yellow, the SNP are usually yellow but sometimes black and government documents have them as purple, the BNP are often Navy Blue but the BBC has invariably coloured them dark yellow and lilac over the years, RESPECT could be red or green and Northern Irish parties are made up on the spot.
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It was claimed, those colour choices come about with the 2000 election bush and gore, and that what David Dimbleby,

If you look at this 1984 clip said RED - Reagan and B - Democrats are in use back that far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IS7W9XSoq8