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Hi all,

We want to clarify the latest rules around what content is and isn’t acceptable on here.

Presenter/rota discussion may be permitted where:
- It's a dedicated presenter & rota thread
- It's a major news/event thread (and relevant)
- There is a major (and relevant) presenter change(s)

Presenter/rota discussion will not be permitted where:
- It's a presentation thread and a separate rota thread exists
- It's a fantasy rota
- It's general daily presenter discussion, including “who presented at 3pm yesterday?” as that doesn’t encourage discussion
- It relates to the presenter's personal life/privacy
- It's plain creepy or weird

Posts containing presenter/rota discussion which don't meet the rules may be edited or deleted. Please use the 'report this post' facility rather than complain directly in the thread. Persistent offenders will be issued with warnings or further action.

Presenter discussion has been a part of this site since the very first day and we firmly believe that it can exist alongside talk of idents, programmes and other areas of television that we enjoy reading.

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