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Lou Scannon
HTV West Points West
Worth keeping an eye on S4C to see what happens for Newyddion at 7.30 .


The main 30-minute Newyddion was moved to 9pm in 2013 (and rebranded as Newyddion 9, to reflect this).
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Central (South) Midlands Today
Newsline is a strange choice for a backup region. Though I guess Points West and Spotlight are backups for each other (as we've seen in the past) and Midlands Today and East Midlands Today are naturally backups for each other.

I'd imagine NWT would be paired with one of the Look North's.

Therefore it leaves Wales a bit on it's todd, just like NI so I guess that's the reasoning behind it.
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Meridian (North) South Today
I imagine that with a bit of notice they would have been able to get a feed from Points West or Midlands Today into Belfast.

Looks like BBC One Wales is simulcasting BBC One NI and BBC Two Wales is with network.

Belfast CA apologised to BBC One Wales viewers for the absence of opt-out programme Weatherman Walking at 7:30. Curious to see NI branded trails and idents going out in Wales - surely Network (and therefore regionally safe) would be better?
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