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Acknowledgment from the CA at 7pm too. Rewinding on iPlayer it looks like the BBC holding loop and music was up for a good while after the Six before they decided to cut to Newsline. I guess that’s how it went out on all platforms?

That's what was also broadcast via satellite
welshkid152 posts since 10 Nov 2003
HTV Wales Wales Today
Weird that they ended up with Northern Ireland local news. I would've expected them to go with what the News Channel was showing.

Someone on here will surely know, but I'm sure this arrangement between Wales and Northern Ireland has been in place for a long time
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Asa, I'm impressed that you got iPlayer to rewind, I've tried two different browsers and can't get it to switch region at the moment!

In the past, when a nation has had problems, the other two nations have stepped in to help. So I guess BBC One Wales is either a bespoke service coming from the spare continuity suite in Belfast or simulcasting BBC One NI, and BBC Two Scotland is coming from BBC Scotland's spare suite or simulcasting BBC Two NI. Although that would be strange as BBC Two Scotland no longer exists.

I'm seeing quite a bit of picture breakup on BBC Two Wales DSAT so they might be rerouting it.

Worth keeping an eye on S4C to see what happens for Newyddion at 7.30.
Write that down in your copybook now.
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I would have thought they would have gone with BBC Points West, as it is the adjacent regional news to Wales, and would have been a better choice for emergency alternative to BBC Wales Today.
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