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Telefis583 posts since 26 Mar 2005
Quite correct - for the life of me I don't know why I keep mixing up Jeremy and Jon's names Rolling Eyes
It was indeed Jeremy - and flippin fantastic he was too
He has a weird mid-Altantic slur which is most bizarre and jarring when it crops up: it goes completely against his otherwise English-to-the-core image.

A really magnificent report he delivered - the special amount of time allocated to it was more than justified
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Are we speaking here of Jeremy Thompson (Sky) or Bowen (BBC). If it is Thompson, I think there is a very slight midlantic slur from time to time.

Bowen, I have never detected at all.
Telefis583 posts since 26 Mar 2005
No definitely Bowen.
Have you never heard it - suppose mid-Atlantic is suggestive of American which I don't mean, just where I live mid-Atlantic is often used to describe an accent that is somewhat groundless, and often features a slight slur at the end of some words.

Have you never heard it with Jeremy Bowen? I find it very strange, he speaks perfectly, pronouncing every word correctly and in full in a typical London fashion, and then suddenly this slur often crops up in the most unexpected way, often mid-sentence...

Annnyway - he's great Smile
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Hymagumba posted:
I'm trying to find this report on the BBC AV Player but can't seem to find it. Is it on there or not?

I think that the report being referred to is the one dated 08/04/2005 on this page.
Telefis583 posts since 26 Mar 2005
That was it - thanks Scottish, lovely to see it again.

Listen to his pronunciation of 'sympathetic' when referring to Tony Blair - a definite slur there Smile