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Same Pope report on STV and Grampian

sswhj (April 2005)

When I was watching the local bulletin on GMTV this morning, I used my Sky Digital extra channel section (with all the other ITV regions) and I had STV on the Sky and Grampian on my analoge. Their report of the Pope's death were shown on both channels. Can anyone confirm why both reports were on both regions.
Gavin Scott Founding member STV Central Reporting Scotland
SMG often pool their resources and re-use story packages in both shows.
Not as stupid as getting a report about a hedgehog cull in the Outer Hebrides on Scottish TV, as we just did a couple of minutes ago. That's about as relevant to us as a report from Newcastle.
sda| Central (West) Midlands Today
I've seen exactly the same reports on East Midlands Today and Look North, within minutes of each other, quite recently

Nothing ever happens in Lincolnshire, so it's not at all surprising
I've also seen a few STV reporters on North Tonight before

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