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A brief behind the scenes clip of what looks like N6 being used in the blue VR era in this report (around 1:40 in).


I never knew Trevor McDonald was offered £1million to go to the BBC?

I never realised Martyn Lewis and Anna Ford were unpopular with viewers as shown in that newspaper headline "Bad news for unpopular presenters"? I know Martyn disappeared completely after the relaunch and Anna was moved from the Six to the lesser watched One but I always thought this was by choice. And out of interest, did Moira present any news bulletins after the 99 relaunch or any News 24 stints? Or did she just disappear entirely until Breakfast relaunched 18 months later?
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Wasn't N3 the studio that had the window into the newsroom? Presumably closed off by 1998 then.

I believe so - there was a wall replaced by glazing that was then re-instated. N3 used to regularly do the c.1997 signed Breakfast News bulletin (which was shown delayed via a, then pretty radical, Profile server)
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Wasn't N3 also the original home of WSTV News when it launched as a standalone once a day bulletin in 1991? It moved into N1 in October 1993.

BBC World Service TV originally started in a different studio (not N1, N2 or N3) elsewhere in TV Centre I believe. (It was either on the 6th or 7th floor and involved roller blinds for the set)
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To the best of my knowledge, Peter's last network bulletin was in August 2004 when he stood in one weekend. As a Peter fan, I decided to capture the opening and closing of the bulletin:



I especially like the way he slams the laptop shut at the end, as if to say "we didn't have this junk in my day!" Very Happy

Thanks for posting these. I forgot about that era where the headline was shown on screen Newsround-style.

I haven't seen it posted yet, apologies if it already has, but here's Lizo Mzimba's obit piece from Wednesday's BBC News at Ten.

EDIT: Replaced original upload due to processing error.
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So, Peter Sissons has the distinction of presenting the final Nine prior to the arrival of "drumbeat & pips (mk1)", and also presenting the final ever Nine?! I never knew that.

I liked his clever closing words on the latter: "And that is, or rather was , the 9 o'clock news..." (then explaining that the programme would now be at 10pm from Monday).
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I've just been digging about on my old external hard drive of stuff I captured nearly 20 years ago, looking for anything Sissons related I could upload. I came across these Children In Need clips from 2001 and 2002. I think I recorded these myself, but apologies if I have inadvertently uploaded someone else's clips here. They've been sat on my HDD for years and years.



Although this one from 2003 doesn't include Peter Sissons, I thought I'd upload it in case anyone hasn't seen it:

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