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How appropriate that I should hear this news breaking whilst watching the BBC News channel. Though he didn't adapt to rolling news quite so well, he was always an authoritative presence when reading the news.

One of his best moments was when he delivered a tribute to Jill Dando at the end of the Nine O'Clock News on the day of her murder.

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Shocked. A consummate professional to his core. It was people like him and Alastair Burnet that inspired me to go into journalism. RIP Crying or Very sad
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It is quite rare for news to shock me. Especially these days. However, this news has left me stunned. Even as somebody who is too young to have seen him on air before his retirement, I was always aware in videos of broadcasts past, of how much of a professional he was. I'm sure he will be greatly missed.

Rest In Peace.
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This is sad news, and I can only echo others' comments rather than add anything useful.

On a presentation related note, can someone date/explain this strange OTS graphic used on the Telegraph's obit article?
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My first proper memory of the news is Peter Sissons reading the ITN lunchtime News At One back at the beginning of 1980 around about the time of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. I was 10. I used to think he had a worried looking kind of face as if he was terrified of being on camera and couldn't wait to finish reading the news and get off. That initial child thought about him always stayed with me.

I also recall him in 1986, had just got in from school and was watching Channel 4 when he popped up unannounced just before 5pm with the newsflash shock of the Challenger Shuttle disaster. He reminds me strongly of that event.

I was even watching live as he cropped up with the Queen Mum's passing that early Saturday evening in 2002. I do hope his obituaries are not going to be trivialised with too much attention to that non issue that caused raised eyebrows at the time.

We've lost too many people of significant stature and gravitas on the mainstream news bulletins in recent years and they have not been replaced with any equivalence. On a day like this it reminds us what we have been losing.

Peter Sissons had the authority as well as a seemingly dry sense of humour and personality to go with it. A winning combination.
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