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The World Today posted:
chromakey123 posted:
BBC's Robert Nisbett is joining Sky News as a showbiz reporter...

Really, that's an interesting development. I like Robert from his Liquid News days. Isn't he the BBC's Olympic Correspondent at the moment? Should be a good move for him, I don't like that Matt Smith guy on Sky News currently.

Well Matt Smith is also ex-Liquid News - he used to produce the show.

Basically almost every entertainment reporter knocking around at the moment seems to have a Liquid heritage.

Colin Paterson on Radio 2/Five Live.
Tamzin Sylvester no London Tonight
Vanessa Langford on ITV News / London Tonight
Matt Smith and Robert Nisbet on Sky
Libby Potter and Emma Jones on BBC Three News

When they all meet up on the Red Carpet it must be like a Liquid re-union!