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Credit should go to the normally not news friendly M6 who in addition to their normal bulletin, returned to do another special bulletin later in the evening.

M6 is usually really bad for sticking to the allotted news slots, so they can cram in the commercials and normal scheduled programming, despite breaking news.
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My summary...

CNN was absolutely brilliant until Cuomo came on and really did go overboard with the religious aspect of the story, and regardless of his own well documented faith (Catholic), Global TV was not the place to overly express it. Brianna was just fantastic.

BBC - A case of bad luck. Geeta Guru-Murthy being on Domestic and literally bundling her way through a deep swamp of sh@t should have been noticed by execs and taken off air. Yes, she's years of experience at Breaking News, but if this is her standard - enough is enough. Things didn't improve as rightly put by other members of this forum until Kay/Price took over... To have GGM return was a big mistake. I can't imagine the quandary of dragging some off air... (even though CNN do it with Blitzer). Outside Source needs to take a back seat at times such as these, OR, stick Ross Atkins in a studio with someone else... Made no sense.

Cannot believe Geeta is back for the remainder of her shift Solo. DIRE

Maybe they could have drafted Krishnan in from the other side? Laughing

Seriously though, her coverage between 18:30-19:00 was absolutely appalling and didn't really improve much after 20:00. The shouting, ignoring what guests were saying, then seemingly sneering/sniggering/laughing and saying excessively 'I'm going on holiday to Paris in a few days' were characteristics of someone being drawn and consumed into the news and not delivering the news to the viewer.

I suppose they could've asked Clive Myrie to stay on and do the 8pm hour (he was presenting the Six).

I've never been a particular fan of Geeta's delivery style, but tonight it was a poor show by all accounts.

Poor show??? I hate to kick someone when they are down (by a number of people on this forum), but she really was absolutely terrible. And yes, I agree, and as some people have said - shocked.

As I say didn't see huge amounts of Geeta presenting but in theory she should've been a perfect presenter for the job - an experienced World News presenter - but sounds like she really wasn't great.
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The pictures from Paris very briefly were full HD resolution ( in fact the presenters gasped at the detail) but it tuned back to mush again. I suspect the idea of using 4G ( rather than sat or microwave) in this sort of environment is highlighting the pitfalls ?

A good fill gap until the sat trucks are in place, I'm sure BBC/Sky will have their Europe trucks on the way. 3 hour drive from Belguim which I assume they are still at from EU Council.

You assume wrongly - neither the BBC or Sky had a truck at the European Council last week. Infact I don’t think any broadcaster did. Only a couple of years ago there’d be 10 or more parked outside, now none.

Did Sky News not have UKI-1912 there? During the summit there were two Sky feeds on 16E labelled and with test cards as such.

Quick scan of 16E shows currently there is a BBC feed labelled "F521 SATPROD 1" (rented truck?) , a CBS truck there using ENEX frequencies and a dedicated ENEX Notre Dame feed.
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I'm watching both BBC Domestic and BBC World and the difference in coverage is beyond comprehension.

I’m always curious how people think it was different?

As soon as the simulcast ended is what I was referring to. Geeta was presenting on Domestic and Kasia and Rico were on World, totally different level of coverage.
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