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The pictures from Paris very briefly were full HD resolution ( in fact the presenters gasped at the detail) but it tuned back to mush again. I suspect the idea of using 4G ( rather than sat or microwave) in this sort of environment is highlighting the pitfalls ?

A good fill gap until the sat trucks are in place, I'm sure BBC/Sky will have their Europe trucks on the way. 3 hour drive from Belguim which I assume they are still at from EU Council.

You assume wrongly - neither the BBC or Sky had a truck at the European Council last week. Infact I don’t think any broadcaster did. Only a couple of years ago there’d be 10 or more parked outside, now none.

As we’ve seen today 4G is going to struggle in these situations, but unless a broadcaster happens to be some form of fixed infrastructure within range of a camera then it’s going to be the quickest way to get pictures back until you can get something better (usually SNG) in place.
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Here in France, TF1 and France 2 still are in Special Edition mode if I'm not mistaken; and, unusual thing, even M6 is going to air a special broadcast at 9:50 pm London Time / 10:50 pm Paris Time.

TF1 is still showing Edition Speciale, France 2 have returned to the normal schedule with Trapped. Does mean the Agatha Christie drama will have to be rescheduled, while TF1 only scheduled a US cop drama.
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My summary...

CNN was absolutely brilliant until Cuomo came on and really did go overboard with the religious aspect of the story, and regardless of his own well documented faith (Catholic), Global TV was not the place to overly express it. Brianna was just fantastic.

BBC - A case of bad luck. Geeta Guru-Murthy being on Domestic and literally bundling her way through a deep swamp of sh@t should have been noticed by execs and taken off air. Yes, she's years of experience at Breaking News, but if this is her standard - enough is enough. Things didn't improve as rightly put by other members of this forum until Kay/Price took over... To have GGM return was a big mistake. I can't imagine the quandary of dragging some off air... (even though CNN do it with Blitzer). Outside Source needs to take a back seat at times such as these, OR, stick Ross Atkins in a studio with someone else... Made no sense.

Cannot believe Geeta is back for the remainder of her shift Solo. DIRE
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I first saw the initial reports on Twitter when it was just smoke and immediately put on BFM PARIS and they were already in rolling coverage. I could be wrong, but they were already covering the story as a major LOCAL story before BFMTV (national) was in rolling coverage and then it quicky became a national and then a global story. I dont much speak French, but the gist of the BFM PARIS coverage was about the fire itself, but it was also about the pompier response, street closures and Metro systems impacts. And they had double headed coverage in place and a live camera on scene. Well done to BFM PARIS.

BFMTV were at the time hosting a special as Macron was due to give a speech at 8pm local time, they opted out a couple of times initially before going with blanket rolling coverage at 7.30pm local time.