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BBC World
MSNBC initially took BFM, France 24 and EVN. Now they are simulcasting Sky’s pictures with their own coverage.
Don’t let anyone treat you like you’re a VO/SOT when you’re a PKG.
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CNEWS and Franceinfo are now running in breaking news mode as well. Franceinfo is using a pushback.

TF1 and France 2 have their main bulletins at 7pm UK time.

M6's bulletin is due to start any minute now, but is currently showing commercials.
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CNN have dropped Amanpour and are running a U.S simulcast. Brianne Keilar anchoring with Melissa Bell reporting at the scene.
BBC and Sky also rolling with the news.

Al Jazeera sticking to tapped programming for the moment.
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Are BBC News channel simulcasting World News?

I don't think so yet as they're in Studio E (though BBC World News viewers can tell me more) but we do have Geeta Guru-Murthy, a regular World News presenter, anchoring. Of course the two channels start simulcasting anyway at the top of the hour and at 9pm too.
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