Colm (previously Col) Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
Has anyone noticed that for the past few days, the back lighting in the North East Tonight studio (possibly for the Bilsdale region only) has switched to red, and the programme logo rendered in red text with a white outline, in preparation for tonight's UEFA Cup final?

Tonight's 1800 edition was impressive in structure - Jon Morrell in the studio with the main news, an earlier-than-usual Bob Johnson at around 1810 with the weather, then two OBs - Claire Montgomery and Ian Payne from Middlesbrough, and Simon O'Rourke and Gregg Easteal from Eindhoven (with Andy Kerr also reporting from the Philips Stadion). Nice to see TTTV putting their weight and support into the success (whether Boro win or lose) of one of their local teams, I doubt any other region could pull it off while retaining that sense of local pride.

Shame there won't be any regional c*n**n***y or i**n*s...

PS. Come on Boro!