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Steve in Pudsey posted:
I've never quite understood what the point of journalists interviewing journalists was...

The idea is, I guess, that the conversational interview style of an interview is more accessible than a monologue from a location reporter when the news is too new to have packaged, or has no components suitable for packaging.
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other favourites of mine that have been doing the rounds are one of the five live presenters breaking down on air after apparently arguing with her co-host for the whole morning.. and a bbc local radio phone-in with someone offering beef curtains for sale.. presenter doesn't twig for a couple of minutes!!
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"Tell me the questions you want me to ask, and I'll ask them"

...or maybe you could use your brain, not just be a voice-on-a-stick and think of some yourself? Quite pathetic, I've heard two-ways with much less to talk about that have gone on far longer, and been more interesting.