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Goodbye Snoddy, Hello Samira (July 2012)

knack Central Reporting Scotland
Someone has forgotten to redirect to the new /programmes page which isn't good because the old page is VERY old.
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knack posted:
Someone has forgotten to redirect to the new /programmes page which isn't good because the old page is VERY old.

That's been like that for quite a while now, even going back as far as 2008? Also the News channel stream on iplayer on your browser bar says 'bbcnews_24' still. Wink

9 days later

JamesWorldNews Central World News
Lyse Doucet will be on NewsWatch today.
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78 days later

scottishtv Founding member Central Reporting Scotland
Just had the misfortune of seeing Newswatch. I know the BBC should show it listens to it's critics, but crikey, the episode just shown was full of comments from nutters:

1. Complaints about coverage of the US fiscal cliff - viewers stating that the BBC is sycophantic towards the USA.
2. Complaints about a Christmas Eve preview of the Queen's Speech on the news - despite the content being provided to broadcasters for early broadcast by Buckingham Palace itself. Therefore the complainers actually ended up criticising the Palace itself for spoiling the surprise.
3. Complaints about a 30 min review of the year show being used to fill on the News Channel. Viewers calling for "more news", presumably to be created out of nothing...
4. Complaints about news apparently created out of nothing - ie reporting on retail sales over the festive period.
5. Complaints about the Mayan end-of-the-world story: "I couldn't change the channel in time. My 7 year old freaked out and thought we were all going to die."

The programme hasnt changed in the slightest, its still a terrible waste of time.
Dear Auntie,

Why do you insist on continuing to make this complete pile-of-crap bitching-session of a programe also known as Newswatch. Wouldnt the lisence fee payers money be better spent elswhere? This viewer for one would definitely prefer actual news rather than the hypercritical groans and moans of Mr. Terry Whitehouse.

As much as i love the way Samira Ahmed faces off against the dismissive BBC spokespeople, and think it is a definite improvement to the kowtowing whimpers of Raymonds Noddy, i would much prefer it if you used her excellent journalistic prowess to replace that terrible high-pitched 90s teabreak woman.

Best Regards

Hmm... i've just realised the ridiculousness of complaining about a complaints programme.

Oooooo! ...this thread should be called "Newswatch Watch News and Information Board".
thegeek Founding member London London
The Newswatch News Watch?
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