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NewsNation-new national news channel

Scheduled debut Sept 1 from WGN Chicago

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I question whether there is a market for another news network given CNN, MSNBC and Fox News have it sown up.
Well just for context there are way more than 3 national domestic news channels. Some have been on air for many years and somehow they turn a profit. Not sure NN is going for the same market as the Big 3 news channels.
CBSN the streaming news behemoth.
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There are local channels that are branded as the name of the bulletin. WDEF-TV in Chattanooga is branded as News 12 Now, so you'll see the news branding on during entertainment shows, while WFTS-TV in Tampa is branded as ABC Action News.
The introduction of a morning show later this year would make it seem they are genuinely interested in turning it into more of a cable news competitor.
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The only growth market I can see for 'news' channels are those partisan cable networks like Newsmax which has eaten into FNC's share and ONN.

I think Newsmax was too late to the party, if they launched in 2017/18 at the height of every cable news channel being Trump-centric, they may have built an audience for it, instead they launched at the end of Trump's tenure.

If you're going to watch a pure impartial bulletin in the states, the majority of the local channels do that perfectly, mixing local, national and international news or the evening network bulletins.

37 days later

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Here are some clips of the new NewsNation programs:

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Newsnation 'Prime' just seems to be the old Newsnation format. But a welcome addition to have Ashleigh Banfield get her own show.
Here are some clips of the new NewsNation programs

"Early Edition" is an interesting choice of name for an evening news programme. I'd associate "early" with early morning, rather than early evening.
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Especially since Early Edition was long used by CNN for its morning news:

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Allegations of bias at NewsNation after the revamp of the output.

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