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IIRC C4 were the first to actually break the news of her death. I know I was watching BBC2 at the time and those few minutes led to me channel hopping to find out what was going on.

Interesting to how little Trevor McDonald featured in the show (if he featured at all) considering he was ITV's main face of news for so long.

I was surprised by that as well. Same with Alastair Burnet, I know he died last year but I'd have thought considering his long career at ITN he wouldn't have covered at least one major newsflash.
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I think they were probably trying to concentrate on people they could actually speak to in order to offer some kind of insight. I'm guessing that's partly why they focused so much on Lockerbie, Iranian Embassy and JKF (because they had access to Dan Rather).

Still, it would have been nice to see at least some archive footage of Sir Trevor et al.
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I think people are missing the points here, with News flashes. The main presenters are in to deal with a certain programme, at a set time. Many of the flashes turn up at random times Hence the reason alot of other people are used.

Trevor is seen here in a news report

Is the next post dreaded?
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Interesting programme. I noticed some of the footage used, in particular that of Dermot and the ITN newsflash about Diana's death was from a Youtube clip. Could they not of sourced a clip directly? ITV/ITN must still have that moment on archive.

Probably not, chances are that they just didn't record it in broadcast quality. It was the middle of the night, there's minimal staffing and those that are there or have been called in might have had better things to do than press record on a VT machine.
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Thinking about it, didn't 7/7 start becoming known during Breakfast, therefore there won't have been a sudden news flash where "the news" gets announced, more likely updates and rolling news.

Just having a look at the schedule, there was a 2-minute news report at 10am (guessing that was when it was still thought to be a "power surge"), then Homes Under the Hammer was interrupted at 1020 with a news special. Rest of the day went:

1300 News
1355 Regional News
1400 News Special
1800 News
1900 Regional News
1930 EastEnders
2000 Newsnight Special
2030 Elephant Diaries
2100 News Special
2110 Ground Force
2200 News
2240 Regional News
2250 Question Time
2350 This Week
0050 News 24
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When was the last time a programme was interrupted for a news report. By that I mean faded out, rather than waiting for the ad break or the end of the programme. This happens very rarely

Probably when a One Show compilation was interrupted for William and Kate coming out of the hospital with Prince George.
The One Show Best of Britain (so a pre-recorded compilation episode of The One Show) was interrupted when Prince George of Cambridge was evicted from St Mary's Hospital earlier this year. Had it been a normal live episode of The One Show, they probably would have ended the programme properly and handed over to BBC News as they did when Prime Minister Gordon Brown was evicted from Downing Street.