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Interesting stat in this article that unsurprisingly BBC News has benefitted most from dropping News at Ten with its average up from 4.2m to around 5m.


Hmm, not sure about that - they took two ratings and compared them to a yearly average. Looking at BBC News ratings every day on the DS Ratings Thread, the boost has been minimal.
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Yes, a biased report. A yearly average would include the middle of summer, ridiculously slow news days, all kinds of stuff, so comparing two ratings to that is false

If they wanted to they could say that The Nightly Show was a success as the 2.2m it got on Monday was better than the 1.8m ITV News at Ten used to get, but that would be called out immediately.
Ben Shatliff1,138 posts since 30 Aug 2003
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Considering they've not used the News at Ten titles the two times they've aired at 10pm in recent weeks I guess it's unlikely the 10.30 titles will be retained for future late bulletins.

I was surprised thry didn't use the News At Ten titles last night. But, was this classed as an ITV News Special rather than an extended News At Ten? Just a thought.

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I did see the Bradby version the other day. Julie's appearances on News at Ten (and 10.30) seem to be getting increasingly rare - seems to be someone else more often than not when Tom is off now.
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Julie is probably busy with the Tonight, including the election specials that start a week Monday.

I know this is bordering on rota territory but it's publicly available information. According to Digiguide, she last presented 10/10:30 on Tuesday 11 April and is next due to present on Wednesday 3 May.
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