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Ben Shatliff1,140 posts since 30 Aug 2003
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The new titles are excellent. A glance at the world, before homing in on the UK. The 'folding blocks' are similar to what was used in the Election. The only downside is that the other titles will now look dull in comparison, but that might be what ITV are going for (to a certain extent). This certainly makes News at Ten standout.

All looks good to me. In days gone by they used to show stills of London, Paris, Washington and Moscow in the early 1980s. In once sense a nod to that with the U.K. Capitals.

Looking forward to Ten. Should be good.
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Split from the previous mega thread: saw a few glimpses of the imminent relaunch of News at Ten. I have to say, I like what I saw.

Relying on fellow newsjunkies back in Blighty to post images and film of the actual event.

The Awakening lives on........
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bkman19901,533 posts since 29 Jan 2012
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Tbh I'm disappointed with these new titles and logo. From a visual standpoint they look very poor.

I much preferred the 2008 edition of the titles. It's a shame though it's not going to be based on something similar for tonight's relaunch.
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I do like the new titles. I like the new music but it's a shame we couldn't get something a little bit more reminiscent of 'The Awakening'.

My only gripe is that the way the Big Ben clock face is at an angle makes it look like the clock is at 9:55 rather than at Ten... and let's be honest ITV would never go to air early at 9:55 unless it's election night! They barely air at Ten!

And it sounds like they are using the regional bed or at least a mix of it.
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