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Since the news on France 3 has not had a major relaunch for about a decade and virtually no changes since 2010, I thought the channel's new look, which is set to premiere on February 5, deserves its own thread.

What France 3 especially interesting -- and challenging to refresh -- is that its newscasts are a combined local/national operation with the same basic visual identity being used for both.

This week, France 3's national newscasts are coming from the old interview set, which as been slightly modified. (Thanks to FranceTV for spotting this in another thread.)

An edition of 19/20 -- the national part -- from this week:

And here's what the regional news looked like before the changes. This is an edition of 12/13 for the French Alps; the other regions were similar:

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BBC World News
The desk looks neat. However if no one else is sitting in it I would remove the mics and chairs.

Edit #1 : Is there the possibility of being able to remove the “wing” bar height desks? I’m thinking of a situation like the CBS This Morning setup where the side tables can be removed. For example if you have two guests you could get in closer.

Edit #2 : Those shiny white floors are going to be stuffed up in no time. I understand it looks sharp in the beginning but as time where’s on it looses its shine. And you’ll be repainting the floors yearly.
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Don’t let anyone treat you like you’re a VO/SOT when you’re a PKG.