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HTV Wales Wales Today
It’s frightening to believe but the current ITV Weather graphics have been in use for three years next month.

I still find them much better and clearer that the BBC’s graphics. I guess they won’t change too much until an ITV News revamp... if and when that will ever happen.

3 years!! Wow. I cannot believe how quick that's gone.. after all this time though, it really annoys me how the colour schemes of the temperature circles seem to be messed up. i.e: 1 degree can sometimes be shown in a mild yellow colour. it seems like the colours are still not 'in sync' with the temp.
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Happy Michael Fish Day, everyone.

As I always say, the best bit is not that Fish failed to say that there would be a hurricane, but that he specifically went out of his way to say that there wouldn't.

(Cue the first 'It wasn't technically a hurricane...' post.)

It wasn't technically a hurricane.


It wasn't a hurricane at all, not just "technically". The issue was that the Met Office at the time had been making cutbacks, and the computer models incorrectly predicted the path of the storm with the limited data available.
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Fourth. It the day the bill started.