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ITV recruiting a weekend weather presenter for the Northern regions, not a posting I thought I’d see.

Sadly it's Emma Jesson's position. From looking at her Twitter it seems she had resigned to care for a relative.
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Westcountry Spotlight
More elements of Meteogroup's commercial weather apps have made their way onto the BBC Weather online service. The lead page now no longer features a forecast map on it but the option to enter a subsequent page is offered which when selected is available to configure as the viewer wants. Still clunky compared to Meteogroup's native versions but not a bad attempt to integrate given the BBC online rules and styles.
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London London
Helen Roberts presenting regional weather today. From the met office according to her advertised Twitter.

Yes, it was noticeable during Lookaround that she was using the Exeter studio due to the fact the presenter is in SD, while the graphics are in HD.

The same studio is used for Channel 5 and some ITV West Country bulletins when Charlie or Kate are working from the Met Office.
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Anglia (West) Look East
Something quite bizarre from BBC weather on their news channel last night in the forecast just before 6pm with Helen Willetts. It kind of speaks for itself. No mention was made of the lack of on screen information. Clearly the impending heat giving the graphics a bit of a meltdown. I suppose this is the modern day equivalent of the old magnetic symbols sliding down the board and misbehaving.

But at least we still knew where Britain's major cities were.


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UTV Newsline
Reith seems to have equally spaced numerals, but for some reason on BBC Weather's website they don't and are tightly together. It doesn't happen anywhere else on the BBC website. Wonder why they've done this for Weather only as space certainly isn't the reason.
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