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The Beeb also utilise some of their regional weather presenters. Keeley Donovan has covered bulletins, reported for Inside Out and Countryfile's daytime spin-off, Paul Hudson presents Inside Out Yorks/Lincs and Wendy Hurrell is also an arts reporter for BBC London News.
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Simon Parkin has done the weather for Wales a few times. We tend to get Kerrie and Jo from Granada as cover more than presenters from other regions when the usual relief presenters James, Helen, Amanda etc aren't available. Last Thursday Kerrie presented the Wales weather and Amanda Houston did Friday.
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John Hammond leaves the BBC at the end of this week. His last forecast is after tonight's Ten on BBC One.

... and got caught out at the end of the six o'clock news because he hadn't miked up in time. Oops!
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When do Meteogroup take over the BBC Weather contract? All the reports from a couple years ago say Spring 2017, given John Hammond has left, it would indicate the change could be as soon as Monday?

A BBC News report said a 'Vast majority' of presenters would be staying at the BBC. However, as it didn't say all, the departure of John Hammond could be an indicator of the take over of the contract, or he could just be leaving for other reasons and it is just by chance that he is leaving around the time the new contract is due to come into effect.
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