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(January 2013)

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I wonder why they chose to have that odd gap at the top/bottom of the screens?

It wouldn't have looked quite so bad if the black mounting was at least the same width as the screen.
Lou Scannon
Why did they even bother to peel the frosted swirls off of the real window (as per David Gregory-Kumar's tweet)?!

If the view into the real newsroom can theoretically be seen through the translucent sections of set ether side of the weather screen, then it's seemingly imperceivable in practice.
Inspector Sands

Here a sofa doesn't instantly translate to lightweight. BBC Breakfast can do serious news from a sofa with no problem at all. It means being able to switch from serious news to lighter interviews without needing to repo or have multiple areas.

Yes, the majority of the breakfast TV sets we've had here (TVam, Breakfast Time, GMTV) have almost all used sofas, often just with a coffee table type low desk. They've covered all the major news stories from the last 35 years from them and no one's really thought anything of it.

It's not as if the viewer really sees it except on wide shots and if you're delivering serious news you're just a mid-shot on screen
At the end of the day - if you need a desk for your hard news to be credible, the set really isn't your problem Wink

Reminds me of a former boss who told me when I called part of one of our sets the soft area: 'now now we don't call it the soft area as the stories we do from it won't necessarily be soft'
Andrew Founding member
Breakfast shows, despite covering hard news from time to time are seen as softer magazines though, very similar in content to the regional news in actual fact.

I can't see the News at Ten coming from a sofa with a coffee table anytime soon.
Thought the fake newsroom backdrop was dead... so disappointed.
Juicy Joe Founding member
It looks pretty depressing. I have never seen a single person work in that fake newsroom. Nothing ever happens in the background there, a waste of computers and TVs on the wall. Why couldn't they use the real newsroom?? And seeing the same fake newsroom with whiter walls for what will be another 5-6 years will be so thumbs down...
Exactly, it's been said that the real newsroom wouldn't look very busy at 18:30 but surely anything would be better than a bank of desks that are always empty with the same things on the monitors?
South Today
Typical BBC - I honestly begrudge paying £147 a year to it. I would rather pay ITV. Back to Central News for me again.
So disappointed. Though I'm personally pleased they haven't adopted the Wales / Scotland set design
Lou Scannon
reubz posted:
So disappointed. Though I'm personally pleased they haven't adopted the Wales / Scotland set design

They can't fit anything like what the Nations have, in the pokey little Brum studio!

The new set's layout makes a decent attempt at emulating the "catwalk" area of the NBH national news set. If only the rostrum were a round shape rather than rectangular.
I think it's a pretty decent improvement. There's very little you can do with that set - it's just so small. The last one they had wasn't pleasing at all with the tiny, poor-quality screens.

Shame they didn't update the newsroom background but that's something that can be easily done in the future.
Nick needs an Anne to bounce off.

But seriously regional magazine programmes are better presented double headed.

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