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Justice Once
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A lot of us forumers are very pedantic about things like the, say, the difference between "sets" and "studios", and other such accuracy considerations (myslef included). And most of us TVF pedants *don't* work within the TV industry, I'm sure.

I'm appalled at how may people from within ITV have "tweeted" etc using the misleading phrase " new set" to describe what is actually the-old-set-redressed/relit. I have no faith in the journalistic credibility of people who choose their words so inaccurately. Harumpf.

I though it seemed a bit ambitious to have full proper set changes in all ITV plc regions over just 2-3 days, but obviously my (and all of our) expectations/hopes were driven by what what seemingly being stated. How wrong we all were, sadly... Sad
Justice Once
Central (South) Oxford
To be fair, if you were to change the flooring in your bedroom and repaint the walls surely it's a bigish change.

Indeed it would be.

But it still wouldn't be a "new room", would it?

Nobody in their right mind would call it that. Whereas and extension, or removing/adding walls etc would constitute a "new room" in your house.

What you have described is a "redecorated/renovated" (or whatever) room, but not a "new" one. The same logic applies to the so-called "new" ITV regional news sets.

I'm a big fan of how the recycled sets now look, and would not dispute that the extent to which they have now been "redressed" is far greater than on any previous such occasion. But it still doesn't make the "new set" phrase any less incorrect/inaccurate.

I agree with those forumers who say that the joy of the 2004-style set is that it is so flexible as to be able to be rehashed every few years. The previous such rehashes were underwhelming at best though. Now is the best those sets have ever looked. Smile
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This is only a stopgap too...

"Good evening, welcome to ITV News from Central" says Bob, sort of works better than the Central Tonight brand!
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