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Something for us to get our anoraks zipped up and ready for... Cool

Lou Scannon
HTV West Points West
Sunday Politics Midlnds

I just picked this up off the floor, I think it's yours:


to be replaced by Politics Midlands without Patrick Burns

Will that be the exact title of the programme? Laughing

Well... we've had Not The Jack Docherty Show, and An Audience Without Jeremy Beadle...
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Was there much point in the Sunday Politics branding continuing for just a year after the main show ended?

Eitherway will be nice to see a new political regional show and the regions own interpretations of it. A new host for the Midlands will go down well too.
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A rare outing for Rajiv Popat presenting alongside Sameena this evening, with Wesley Smith on late duty. You think they could have let Wesley loose on the main programme!
John and RDJ gave kudos
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London London

It's hideous
The header image is a slight improvement though.

Not sure on that profile picture though, looks like someone wrote it in word.
Oh it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you...