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Subtitles will probably have been created off script - not necessarily the autocue as networking between systems back then wasn't as integrated as it is now.

Also I think most subtitles on live unscripted elements were created by stenographers in this era. They're the people you see typing in courts - I believe they use a phonetic system a little like Pittman Shorthand to very quickly type everything as it's said 'for the record'. Stenographers for subtitling have now been largely replaced by 'respeakers' - people who listen to the output and respeak it into a voice recognition software which then types up the subtitles. AIUI, respeaking was found to be more reliable than voice recognition software listening to the actual soundtrack, which often has dubbed on FX and music, different voices, accents etc.

Two minutes regions...
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Correct. I like Mark, a good reporter and presenter. After leaving as host of a nightly news magazine to returning to reporting seems odd unless he wanted to go back to his roots or needed to move back to the region for personal reasons. Of course he could also be lined up to replace a retiring Bob Warman 😜😜
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Looking at some old clips I see that Central Weather used to be provided by The Weather Department, and then by Weather Services International, and then by The Weather Channel.

Were all these the same company rebranding or did they keep moving provider? It seems quite an unusual set up considering everyone else seemed to use The Met Office.