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Central (South) Midlands Today
Major problems on ITV News Central in the West Midlands tonight. No reports seem to be playing at the top of the programme and some of the graphics also seem to be glitching.

EDIT: The autocue is now all wrong and Bob and Sameena are having to frantically rely on the paper scripts. They're now reverting to the stories where they have lives with correspondents lined up.

EDIT 2: They've got through the lives and have had to skip their top story about the major weather conditions entirely. They now appear to be just about back to normal and have been able to play out further reports for other stories.

EDIT 3: They've finally returned to their top story 13 minutes later and have been able to play out the report third time lucky.
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They spent the Argos christmas tree budget on some shiny new perspex earlier in the year don't you know! Plus space is at a premium.

I agree though, the fake tree looks awful!