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Central (South) Oxford
Just a guess, but if they couldn't CSO the weather and there was a fault, perhaps with the vision mixer, they might not have got it sorted in time for their 8pm bulletin, which is also CSO. Did they manage a late weather, or is that taken from Plymouth these days?
Two minutes regions...
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Simon 'perky' Parkin in the hot seat alongside Sangeeta for the first time in his 10 years with ITV.

I could NOT imagine him as a newsreader... How was he?

Rather wooden and looked most uncomfortable throughout. Apparently he is presenting for a few nights so tune in tonight, if you can, and see what you think.
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Meridian (North) South Today
Further strangeness on BBC South... the soft area of the set was in use in the second half of the 6:30 programme, but the keying on the CSO weather forecast was terrible. There was no shot of the weather presenter interacting with Sally, which suggested it was pre-recorded or shot elsewhere. Then another pan-regional 7:57 from Oxford.