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They claimed that 3 years ago..... ratings spin that would make Piers Morgan blush, while all their local channels died.

At least STV put some effort into the local channels which can't be said for some that are still currently broadcasting.

Most that are still broadcasting. STV got out before they basically bankrupted the main channel - didn't want to repeat the mistake UTV made with UTV Ireland. Agree though STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh at least had content you'd expect of a local channel, and STV themselves claimed they were on track to break even. Combining them into STV2 suggests they probably weren't, but it is the best effort we've seen.

What local content though does STV have now other than the news and Scotland Tonight? Did anything transfer from STV2 when it closed?
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It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.
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I give you the fabulous Shereen Nanjiani MBE:

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