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It looks very nice. The set feels like a physical evolution of the last with the clever desk whilst tying it closer to the channel's branding.

IMO it's a shame that they haven't used this to change the music I've never really been a fan of the current theme.
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i like the new 5 News logo ...the lozenge shape is nice. The new graphics are nice that are displayed on the video wall. I would have like to have seen that entire strip area on the back wall used as a video wall, rather than just 2 screens and a lit panel. Remove the lit panels and replace them with screens. They could do something dyanmic across the back. Oh well... But it doesnt look bad. The colour combinations are interesting, but they work somehow. And its certainly better than the virtual set. And it has its positives. I think the desk design is interesting to use the logo as the shape. I can see how the curved part of the 5 will almost certainly be used for sitting, it seems low enough to lean on.

Will be interesting to see the full broadcast. I did note the camera blocking was off in my opinion. The straight on presenter shot is not good, the wall "radiator thingy" makes it look looks angled. And the lighting of the presenter at the desk....not good either. Totally needs a desk face light. Massive chin shadows. Massively different...ehh?. They could have done this as virtual set with same design. But its nice. I always felt that Ch5 gets the red-headed step child treatment from ITN. Yes I know ITN has a budget from Ch5 that they have to work with. I think I have an aversion to the pink and purple for news because so many talk/chat/game shows use that colour scheme on their sets. To me subconsciously it never feels that serious. I always feel a newsroom gives a news programme an air of legitimacy, especially if they arent a legacy broadcaster that have nothing to prove like the BBC or ITV(ITN). But that just my opinion. But well done to Ch5 for getting a real set finally.
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5 News at 5 still using a short sting rather than a full set of titles, it will be interesting to see if 5 News Tonight have longer titles. The update to the music headline bed is definitely an improvement though.

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So much better than the 'cartoon VR set'.

It's a nice versatile set, with plenty of presentation positions, as demonstrated in the 5pm bulletin. I also like the graphics, although I would have preferred a proper title sequence.

C5 News looks credible and yet still different, once again. Thumbs up
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Is this a VR set? I'm sure someone posted that it would be VR at the end of the old thread but that certainly doesn't look like VR to me! It could be, but it's a very conservative set if they had the potential to do whatever they wanted in VR.

EDIT: The ATV Today article says they've moved to a physical set. Good on them.
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